Responsible Tourism

We at, Memorable Journeys hold our values and ethics close to our hearts, and being a responsible business is the core of it. We are committed to make a real difference in the lives of the people and local communities we work and interact with, as well as the growth and welfare of the environment. We ensure that our partners and associates also follow ethical and responsible business models.

Our Contribution

In our attempt to support ongoing, value creating projects, Memorable journeys has been closely associated with ANKURI - The Agency for Non Konventional Urban Rural Initiatives. Memorable Journeys in its own way makes monetary & non-monetary contributions on regular basis and as per the requirements.


The word Ankuri means a ‘sprouting seed’.

With a desire to see the rural community of India truly grow and flourish, the sprouting seed that was sown 15 years ago has now grown into a massive tree with its roots widely spread in our society, nurturing over a 100 women through various projects with a motive to empower them with education, training and employment.

Ankuri, is a not for profit organisation which dedicatedly works towards capacitating rural women and encourages them to actively participate in the society to mitigate poverty.

In the course of a decade and a half, relentless efforts have been made to invigorate this vision by launching paid internships and student exchange programmes in partnership with foreign universities from the U.S, the U.K and India to catalyse this initiative with support of overseas students.